Diffusion coatings

Increasing wear and corrosion resistance

TRD Surfaces offers three services for handling wear and corrosion challenges:

TRD Chromium Carbide (CrC)

Ceramic surface based on chromium carbide – Excellent for wear protection


» Up to 2000 HV in surface hardness

» Increased resistance against abrasion and erosion

» Improved corrosion protection

» Low coefficient of friction

» Layer thickness: 3 to 30 µm (+/- 0.5 µm)


TRD Gamma

Surface treatment for austenitic stainless steel (300 series) – boosting wear and corrosion resistance


» Up to 1200 HV in surface hardness

» Substantial increase in corrosion resistance

» Diffusion coating with chromium

» Unique combination of wear and corrosion protection

» Layer thickness: 10 to 30 µm (+/- 1 µm)


TRD GammaX

Surface treatment for austenitic stainless steel (300 series) – Pushing corrosion resistance to the limit


» Colossal improvement in corrosion resistance

» Pitting corrosion resistance enhanced to super duplex standards

» Doubling surface hardness to 400 HV

» Tough diffusion coating with Cr

» Layer thickness: 15 to 35 µm (+/- 1 µm)

Performance improvement

Corrosion and mechanical wear are two of the main expenses across almost all industrial sectors and currently available surface technologies can suffer from insufficient protection. This may lead to high costs in repair, downtime, material and premature failure, ultimately having a high impact on product performance. The TRD technologies offer high performing, economical, wear and corrosion resistant solutions for demanding applications. Properties such as surface hardness and chromium content can be increased to previously unseen numbers, thus providing crucial protection of products and components.

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