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Anti-Slip Elements (ASE)

TRD Surfaces introduces a new range of anti-slip elements for safer and more reliable interfaces. Applications include workholding tools, friction couplings, grippers, mechanical connections and much more. As the friction is more than quadrupled with the anti-slip elements, 4x shear forces can be handled. The components are based on the surface technology L-TRD, developed for reliable and precise friction rings for MAN ES.

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High performance nozzles

One of the strengths of the TRD technology is the ability to treat the smallest holes and cavities equal to the rest of the part.

This is essential when coating the inside of a nozzle. Combined with the ceramic hardness of TRD (up to 2000 HV) and the extreme corrosion resistance (up to duplex standard), TRD diffusion coatings are ideal for nozzles.

Many of the parts we receive are nozzles, especially made of stainless steel 1.4404 and 1.4305. Both are industry standards for nozzles.

If your nozzles are dealing with too short a lifetime and declining performance, give us a call and we’ll handle your challenges.



Preventing wear and material loss during food processing

Our ceramic TRD Chromium Carbide (CrC) surface treatment is now approved as a food contact material. This surface solution is suitable for all types of tool steels used in harsh and abrasive environments in the food processing industry.

The high hardness of the ceramic TRD CrC (2000 HV) greatly reduces the amount of wear. This means longer lifetime of the machinery, and of course, minimizes the amount of material transfered to the processed food.

For the compliance test, not even the slightest trace of coating material was detected in the processed media.



Enhancing AISI 316L to a Super Duplex grade

How is it possible to turn an AISI 316L stainless steel into a Super Duplex stainless steel?

Here at TRD we have engineered a surface treatment that is tailored specifically for austenitic stainless steel. The surface treatment significantly improves corrosion resistance by diffusion of chromium.

The illustration below shows that our TRD GammaX is as corrosion resistant as a Super Duplex stainless steel, grade 1.4410.



Laser technology to achieve controllable friction

Today, we are excited to announce our new technology L-TRD developed together with MAN ES: Lasertexturing of steel surfaces combined with subsequent TRD hardening.

Laser texturing enables a precise surface manipulation, while TRD hardening is the only viable method for subsequent hardening of the laser-melted surface. The end result is a highly defined topography which is built to last and has a reproducible static coefficient of friction. L-TRD is three times as precise as the former solution chosen by MAN ES for one of their high friction components.

If you have an application where controlled friction is vital, please let us help you solve your challenge.

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TRD approved as food contact material

In order to meet the growing demand within food processing industry, our TRD surface treatments for stainless steel is now tested and approved according to all current regulations.

As expected, no elements from the base material nor the coating has been found to migrate to the test medium, once again proving the superior corrosion resistance of TRD.

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TRD withstanding 30.000 tons of aqua feed

We are happy to share these recent results from an industrial manufacturer of fish feed pellets. Our dies (the tool at the end of an extruder) have shown to have a lifetime more than 3X compared to conventional solutions, while at the same time improving pellet quality and extruder efficiency.

The dies are designed and offered together with GRAINTEC A/S, and we look forward to many more solutions being offered to end-users.

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Die lifetime improvement



How to eliminate wear?

The most common way of reducing or eliminating wear is to increase surface hardness. Generally speaking, the harder your surface is, the better resistance against wear.

If the surface exceeds more than 30% of the abrasive counterpart, then wear is virtually zero. This is especially true for erosive wear when the angle of incidence is low. Here is an example of how TRD CrC surface treatment increases surface hardness on the inside of high pressure nozzles, practically eliminating wear.

2021-03-05 No erosive wear



Polishing our TRD Chromium Carbide (CrC) surface!

As standard, our TRD CrC has an Ra value of 0.4. With our tailored polishing procedure, the Ra value drops to under 0.1, which makes it quite reflective as seen on the picture below.

Polishing the TRD CrC makes it applicable in tribological applications where high wear resistance and low friction is key.

2021-02-26 Polishing



Metallurgical quality control?

Every batch that we do is quality controlled. For relatively thin and fine surface layers like ours, this is preferentially done with a cross section analysis of an extra/sacrificial piece.

Besides evaluating the surface layer thickness, a metallurgical cross section also reveals the homogeneous and dense nature of the TRD layers.

2021-02-05 QC LI



New patent pending TRD GammaX

We are happy to introduce our new surface treatment for austenitic stainless steel, TRD GammaX. In this short overview you can see the results of our recent G48 pitting corrosion test.

We can, based on the pitting test, conclude that our new TRD GammaX treatment can enhance AISI 316L to a duplex grade steel in pitting corrosion resistance.

Further information is still being prepared for the website. For fast and detailed information, please contact us.

2021-01-15 Infographic GammaX



Quality assurance for our costumers

We are proud to announce that during the holidays, TRD Surfaces have been ISO 9001 certified. This is a great way to show our costumers that quality is of utmost importance to us. 

Product quality has always been our number one priority, and this is emphasized even further with our ISO 9001 certification. We strive for ongoing improvements and highest product quality for our costumers.




Renewed strength in our sales force

We are proud to introduce Manfred Jost as our new Sales Manager for Central Europe. Manfred has +30 years of experience within the metalworking industry and he is already a great asset to us.

Manfred will operate from the Stuttgart area and he is ready to service our customers in Germany. Feel free to contact him if you are challenged by wear or corrosion.




We are proud to introduce Peter Stephenson who has joined TRD Surfaces as our Head of Production. TRD Surfaces is growing fast, and we are glad to have Peter on board for our journey. He holds a degree in marine engineering and technology management, and his competences will be of great use at TRD.

Welcome to the team!




How do you accelerate the transition from research to industrial products?

Last week, a representative from the Danish GTS Institutes visited TRD Surfaces to hear about our experiences with GTS and how such a corporation can improve the bargaining power of SMEs.

The article can be found here [Danish].




TRD Surfaces is happy to announce that we have officially moved to our new premises at Skovlytoften 26A in Holte, just north of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Our upgraded production line with new furnaces is up and running, and we are ready to handle your orders once again.

We will be pleased to welcome you at our new location, tackling your corrosion and wear challenges.




Once again the erosion and corrosion protection properties of TRD has been documented. This time for austenitic stainless steel with TRD Gamma. Accredited test institute FORCE Technology performed the erosive wear tests.

– Improving stainless steel and steel nozzles with TRD [English]

Corrosion - nozzles



Are you using hard chrome coatings today? Then you are most likely to find an alternative in near future as hard chrome is being phased out because of hazardous substances during its production. TRD technologies can be sufficiently used as a sustainable alternative, exemplified here for piston rods.

– Sustainable TRD technologies as alternatives to hard chrome coatings [English]

SSH web



By combining additive manufacturing (3D printing) and TRD technologies, unique properties can be achieved:


– Superior surfaces of 3D printed stainless steel with TRD Gamma [English]

3d print



The magazine “Jern og Maskinindustri” stopped by TRD Surfaces, and this article was the output of their visit


– Hemmeligheder skaber stærke overflader (pdf) [Danish]

– Hemmeligheder skaber stærke overflader (browser, external) [Danish]




Product-proven lifetime increase with TRD solutions in severe, abrasive environments for the Varibell stainless steel valves


– Unmatched wear and corrosion protection of valves [English]

– Unübertroffene Verschleiss- und Korrosionbeständigkeit von Ventilen [Deutsch]

TRD for valves



Accelerated nozzle wear tests together with Force Technology Denmark show substantial lifetime improvements with TRD CrC


– Durability of high pressure nozzles coated with TRD CrC [English]

– Haltbarkeit von mit TRD Chromkarbid beschichteten Hochdruckdüsen [Deutsch]

TRD for nozzles

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