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TRD Surfaces is happy to announce that we have officially moved to our new premises at Skovlytoften 26A in Holte, just north of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Our upgraded production line with new furnaces is up and running, and we are ready to handle your orders once again.

We will be pleased to welcome you at our new location, tackling your corrosion and wear challenges.



Once again the erosion and corrosion protection properties of TRD has been documented. This time for austenitic stainless steel with TRD Gamma. Accredited test institute FORCE Technology performed the erosive wear tests.

– Improving stainless steel and steel nozzles with TRD [English]

Corrosion - nozzles


Are you using hard chrome coatings today? Then you are most likely to find an alternative in near future as hard chrome is being phased out because of hazardous substances during its production. TRD technologies can be sufficiently used as a sustainable alternative, exemplified here for piston rods.

– Sustainable TRD technologies as alternatives to hard chrome coatings [English]

SSH web


By combining additive manufacturing (3D printing) and TRD technologies, unique properties can be achieved:


– Superior surfaces of 3D printed stainless steel with TRD Gamma [English]

3d print


The magazine “Jern og Maskinindustri” stopped by TRD Surfaces, and this article was the output of their visit


– Hemmeligheder skaber stærke overflader (pdf) [Danish]

– Hemmeligheder skaber stærke overflader (browser, external) [Danish]



Product-proven lifetime increase with TRD solutions in severe, abrasive environments for the Varibell stainless steel valves


– Unmatched wear and corrosion protection of valves [English]

– Unübertroffene Verschleiss- und Korrosionbeständigkeit von Ventilen [Deutsch]

TRD for valves


Accelerated nozzle wear tests together with Force Technology Denmark show substantial lifetime improvements with TRD CrC


– Durability of high pressure nozzles coated with TRD CrC [English]

– Haltbarkeit von mit TRD Chromkarbid beschichteten Hochdruckdüsen [Deutsch]

TRD for nozzles

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TRD Surfaces offers unique solutions for optimal wear and corrosion performance of steel components. Significant lifetime improvements can be achieved, as the unique and cost-effective technology delivers the most wear and corrosion resistant solutions on the market for steel and stainless steel.

By utilizing a TRD technology, steel components will significantly increase functionality and bring product demands to new levels. The high reproducibility of the TRD process ensures a robust service for our customers, ultimately resulting in lead time reductions and higher overall equipment efficiency for the end-users. , +45 30 62 35 55

 The TRD technology delivers:

– Unique surfaces against wear and corrosion

– Continuous high performance of components

– Sustainable processes

– Cost-effective, bulk processing of smaller parts

– Even coverage of all surfaces and shapes

– 3D print-ready processes